Department of Medicine

Indiana Center for AIDS Research

Scientific Working Groups

These Scientific Working Groups have received pilot funding from the CFAR to develop new interdisciplinary collaborative scientific projects with the goal to apply for extramural funding in the near future


Developmental of Dual Agents Capable of Simultaneously Activating HIV-1 Latency and Preventing New Infection

Directors: Andy Yu and Jean Chmielewski

The Relationships between Depression, ECFC, Inflammatory Monocytes, and Endothelial Function in HIV
Director: Samir Gupta, Jesse Stewart, Mervin Yoder

Adolescent Medicolegal Partnerships to Prevent HIV
Director: Amy Gilbert, Dennis Fortenberry

Mobile Health Monitoring and Support for Adolexcents with HIV in Kenya
Director: Rachel Vreeman, Bree Weaver
Patient Perspectives on HIV Cure
Director: Gregory Zimet, Mary Ott, Samir Gupta