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coming soon! Kimberly Burgess, PhD


Dr. Burgess' research interest is in the identification of markers of acute kidney injury and the implementation of genetic testing to improve treatments for patients with chronic kidney disease and hypertension. 
Jacquelyn Carter, MD
Research Description coming soon!
coming soon! Tom DeLuca, PhD
Research Description coming soon!
Cathy Fulton, DNP, ANP-BC, FNP-BC, RN
Dr. Fulton is currently working to develop clinical decision support related to the pharmacogenomic testing in the INGENIOUS trial (NCT02297126). In addition, she is also analyzing recruitment from the INGENIOUS trial as stratfied by health systems as well as the demographic anlaysis, actionable genotype distribution, drug-drug interactions, proportion of concomitant analgesic therapy in these subjects, provider utilization and adverse events.
  Ellen Go, MD
Dr. Go's current research is the effects of mycophenolic acid on endothelial precursor cells and the role and response of endothelial cells in various phases of inflammation to better understand the pathophysiiologic mechanism behind primary systemic vasculitis.  Long-term goal is to discover biomarkers and potential therapies to treat childhood-onset rheumatic disease.
coming soon! Sri Harsha Kanuri, MBBS

Assess miRNA expression profile that is specific to high risk and low risk of QT prolongation following drug administration. This will eventually lead to development of biomarkers and formulation of novel therapeutic interventions for prevention and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. These methods will be addressed using PK and PD modelling, molecular assessments and translational pharmacology.

coming soon! Stephanie Liu, PharmD

Stephanie Liu completed her Doctor of Pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. She is a licensed pharmacist in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Her research interests are in clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and drug disposition. She would like to pursue a career as a clinical pharmacologist in early phase drug development

coming soon! JD Podichetty, MS PhD



Dr. Podichetty has a MS/PhD in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and received Post-Doctoral training in Physiology from University of Michigan. He is currently working in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc. on developing models that characterize and predict Central Nervous System (CNS) disease progression using Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques. His other research interests include whole body and population Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics (PKPD), Deep Learning, and Pharmacogenomics.

coming soon! Violeta Rodriguez-Romero

Dr. Rodriguez-Romero is a Postdoctoral Fellow working at the Disease and Therapeutic Response Modeling Program located in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Dr. Rodriguez-Romero has been exploring machine learning techniques to predict diabetic nephropathy using WEKA and CARET package from R. Her interest in Modeling also includes the application of Non-linear mixed effects modeling (NONMEM) to different populations.

Alicia Teagarden, DO

Describing the incidence of post-transplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM) in pediatric hematopoietic cell (HCT) patients and relationship to ST2 levels. Further evaluating the relationship of PTDM in pediatric HCT patients and critical care outcomes. A secondary project is to describe the incidence of persistent inflammatory, immunosuppressed, catabolic syndrome (PICS) in critically ill pediatric patients and evaluating the relationship of PICS with survival and other critical care outcomes.

coming soon!

Michelle Torres, MD

Dr. Torres will be conducting a clinical trial with Desta Zeruesenay, Ph.D., the principal investigator.  ‘Bupropion Stereoselective Disposition and CYP2D6-Mediated Drug Interactions in Healthy Volunteers’.  The primary objective of this study is to comprehensively characterize steady state stereoselective pharmacokinetics of Bupropion and its primary and secondary metabolites in healthy volunteers.  In addition, the time course of onset and offset of CYP2D6 inhibition in relation to the pharmacokinetic profiles of Bupropion and its metabolites.  Dr. Torres’s role includes coordination of the study, consenting the patients, gathering and analyzing data, as well as bench top experiments to gather pharmacokinetic profiles of the samples collected.