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Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship

Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship
Therapeutics Research

The key to the training experience of our fellows is active involvement in pediatric therapeutics research under the mentorship of qualified faculty members associated with the program. The clinician scientists who make up the faculty of this program represent a breadth and depth of innovative opportunities from which trainees may choose an area of focus for their own research. Our group is comprised of many experienced faculty with excellent peer-reviewed funding and many years of experience with a tight cadre of energetic and motivated young investigators who represent the future of our Division and who are in the process of generating unique research programs supported by stable funding. When trainees begin this program, they meet with all faculty members individually to learn about their respective research programs. During their first month of training they must choose, in collaboration with Drs. Renbarger and Flockhart, a primary research mentor and a mentoring committee of at least three members to follow the progress of their training in its entirety—but with a focus on their research training. Primary mentors meet with trainees on a weekly basis and the mentoring committee must meet formally with trainees a minimum of three times and two times during years one and two of training, respectively. Trainees must document minutes of the committee meetings and these are kept in the trainees' program files. Trainees are required to present their research progress annually as part of the Clinical Pharmacology Personalized Therapeutics Seminar series as well as at the IU PREGMED Pediatric Therapeutics Annual Retreat. All faculty involved in this program will be in attendance of trainee presentations at the retreat and this will provide a forum for critical academic discussions of our highly qualified multidisciplinary faculty. In addition, the retreat will provide an opportunity for trainees to provide feedback on their experiences in the program in an open forum discussion.

Trainees in our program enjoy exposure to a rich cross section of trainees in other health care orientated programs. This multi-disciplinary exposure leads to a very lively interaction and advantageous cross-fertilization of ideas. Fellows interact at lab research meetings, seminars, didactic sessions, and while performing lab work. In addition to our clinical pharmacology fellows and faculty, the journal club and seminars attract participants and attendees from other divisions within the Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine (e.g., oncology, biostatistics, and neonatology), from other departments at the school of medicine (e.g., pharmacology, genetics and nursing), from the Purdue School of Pharmacy (departments of pharmacy practice and of industrial and physical pharmacy) and from Eli Lilly Co. (departments of drug metabolism and disposition and of clinical pharmacology). The breadth and depth of active attendees makes these interactions extremely valuable educational experiences.