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Seminar Archives - 2008

Seminar meets on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon in conference room W7120 (Wishard Myers (WD) Building, 7th Floor).


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Date/Time/Location Presenter Title Topic
JAN 1     No Seminar.
JAN 8     No Seminar.
JAN 14
CCBB Seminar Series
Jason H. Moore
HITS Room 1110
Darthmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center A Role for Computational Intelligence and Expert Knowledge in Genome-Wide Association Studies.
JAN 15 Seongkum Heo. PhD, RN Assistant Professor
Indiana University School of Nursing
Self-care behaviors in patients with heart failure.
JAN 22     No Seminar.
JAN 29     No Seminar.
FEB 5     No Seminar.
FEB 12     No Seminar.
FEB 19 Jackie D. Corbin, PhD Professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra, and Phosphodiesterase-5
FEB 26 Dmitry Zaretsky, MD, PhD Assistant Scientist
Indiana University Department of Pharmacology
Pathophysiology of hot flashes: what can we learn from stress-induced tachycardia and fever.
MAR 4     No Seminar.
MAR 11 Patrick A. Thompson, MD Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Texas Children's Cancer Center
MAR 18 Jamie Renbarger, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, IUSM TBA
MAR 25 Nita A. Limdi, Pharm.D, MSPH Asst. Professor, Neurology
University of Alabama at Birmingham
APR 1 Jake Chen, PhD Assistant Professor of Informatics and Computer Science
IU School of Informatics
SysNet: Building Systems Biology Tools towards Predictive, Preventive, and Personalized Biomedical Applications
APR 8     No Seminar.
APR 15 David R. Jones, PhD Assistant Scientist of Medicine and Pharmacology and Toxicology, IUSM The Use of an Analytical Laboratory to Impact Cancer Research
APR 22 Jamie Renbarger, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine, IUSM Vincristine Pharmacogenetics
APR 29      
MAY 6      
MAY 13 No Seminar (See May 14).
MAY 14 Evan Kharasch, MD, PhD
Grand Rounds
Myers Auditorium
Wishard Hospital
Professor of Anesthesiology and Chief
Clinical Research Division in the Department of Anesthesiology
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
InterIndividual Variability in Analgesic Response
MAY 20     No Seminar.
MAY 27 Mark Sale, MD Next Level Solutions, LLC General approach to population pk/pd model selection, opportunity for improvement? (or why haven't we given much thought to what we spend most of our day doing?)
MAY 28 (Wed.)
Daniel Rhodes, PhD
Special Webinar
  Target Discovery in Oncomine: Integrating - Omics data
JUN 3      
JUN 10      
JUN 17      
JUN 24 David A. Flockhart, MD, PhD
R4, Rm. 101
Chief of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology Pharmacotherapeutics
JUL 1      
JUL 8      
JUL 14 Robert R. Bies, PharmD, PhD
9:00am, W7123
Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
Challenges in population modeling of drug exposure and disease
JUL 17      
JUL 15      
JUL 22      
JUL 29      
⇓ Starting in August: New Personalized Therapeutics Seminar Topics ⇓
AUG 5 Barbara Evans JD, PhD Associate Professor
Co-director, Health Law & Policy Institute
Director, Center on Biotech
University of Houston Law Center
FDA's Sentinel System for Post-market Drug Safety Surveillance
AUG 12 Noah M. Hahn, MD Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Division of Hematology/Oncology
IU-CABS: Indiana University Cancer Biomarker Study - A Blueprint for Customized Cancer Care
AUG 19 David M. Haas, MD Assistant Professor
Obstetrics and Gynecology
PREGMED: Searching for Individualized Pharmacotherapy in Pregnancy
AUG 26 Zeruesenay Desta, PhD Associate Research Professor of Medicine, IUSM Using CYP2B6 genotype as a tool to Stratify Patients in Clinical Trials
SEP 2 Tatiana M. Foroud, PhD Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics
Director of Hereditary Genomics Division
Results of whole genome association studies: how they may change our approach to medicine
SEP 9 David A. Flockhart, MD, PhD Chief, Division of Clinical Pharmacology Personalized Therapeutics in Breast cancer: A model for Translating Pharmacogenomics into Practice
SEP 16 M. Eileen Dolan, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Chicago
Cell based models for pharmacogenetic discovery
SEP 23 No Seminar
SEP 30 Landry Kamdem Kamdem, PharmD, PhD Clinical Pharmacology Fellow Preclinical models and Genetics as predictors of glucocorticoid-induced adverse effects
OCT 7 James W. Fletcher, MD Professor of Radiology
Chief, Nuclear Medicine
Director, PET Imaging Center
Molecular Imaging in Personalized Medicine
OCT 14 Janet S. Carpenter, PhD, RN Associate Professor
School of Nursing
Personalized medicine for menopausal symptoms
OCT 21 Andrew J. Saykin, PsyD Director, IU Center for Neuroimaging
Department of Radiology
Prospects for Personalized Therapeutics for Persons at High Risk of Alzheimer's Disease: Neuroimaging, Genetics & Biomarkers
OCT 28 No Seminar due to Pharmacogenetics Research Network (PGRN) Meeting - University of North Carolina (Oct. 27-28)
NOV 4 Lang Li, PhD Associate Professor
Division of Biostatics and Clinical Pharmacology
Bioinformatics as a Catalytic Tool Across the Spectrum of Translational Research
NOV 11 Eric M. Meslin, PhD Director, Indiana University Center for Bioethics
Associate Dean, Bioethics
Professor of Medicine and Medical and Molecular Genetics
If personalized medicine is the answer, then what's the question? What pharmacogenomics may tell us about the ethics of medicine and research
NOV 18 Kenneth P. Nephew, PhD Professor, Department of Medical Sciences
Professor, Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology
Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
School of Medicine
Indiana University at Bloomington
Cancer Epigenetic Targets from the Laboratory to Clinical Application
NOV 25      
DEC 2 Sharon J. Swan, CAE Executive Director
American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Staus of the Discipline of Clinical Pharmacology in the US in the Translational Era
DEC 9 David S. Wilkes Professor of Medicine
Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Director, Center for Immunobiology
Biomarker approaches to Improving therapy in Lung Transplantation
DEC 16 Victoria L. Champion, DNS Associate Dean for Research
Distiguished Professor, School of Nursing
Tailoring Interventions for Behavioral Oncology
DEC 23      
DEC 30