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What Is LDL Apheresis?

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the major cholesterol carrying lipoprotein in your blood. LDL apheresis is a procedure that takes blood outside the body to remove the LDL-cholesterol and then returns the plasma and blood back to the body. This procedure is used if diet or lipid-lowering drug therapy has not lowered high LDL-cholesterol levels adequately.

Dr. Amale Lteif evaluates patients who might e candidates for LDDL apheresis and overseas this procedure which is performed at Spring Mill Indiana University Infusion Center using the LIPOSORBER system.


Who Qualifies?

LDL Chol Description
  500 Patients with functional homozygous hypercholesterolemia having LDL-cholesterol levels above 500 mg/dl
  300 Patients with LDL-cholesterol levels > 300 mg/dl. Most patients in this group are severe functional hypercholesterolemic heterozygotes.
  200 Functional hypercholesterolemic heterozygotes having LDL-cholesterol levels > 200 mg/dl with documented heart disease (CHD).


Dr. Amale Lteif

Christine Diene, Lipid Apheresis Technician, Certified Medical Asst.



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