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Text Box: [insert scanner picture here from current website]The “Human Components” of the Alcohol Research Center conduct research using neuroimaging (fMRI, PET) to study brain function as it relates to alcoholism and its risk factors (Neuropsychology, Department of Neurology), investigate human responses to alcohol using intravenous alcohol infusion (Neural Systems Lab, Department of Psychiatry).  Both laboratories collaborate in investigating the brain’s response to alcohol during neuroimaging.

Neuroimaging research takes advantage of two new 3T magnets (Seimens Skyra and Prisma systems) and a Seimens mCT PET/CT system based in the new IU Health Neuroscience Center at Goodman Hall (  Studies of alcohol infusion are based at Indiana University’s Clinical Research Center (, which provides extensive support for translational biomedical research.

For prospective subjects:

Individuals who drink alcohol regularly, and who wish to participate as a subject in this research, can find contact information below:

Brain Imaging (Neuropsychology, Neurology):    

Neural Systems Lab (Psychiatry):