Department of Medicine

General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics


We value cutting-edge research that encompasses the spectrum from bench science to outcomes research. We value the success and recognition of individuals for their research accomplishments; we equally value nurturing the research careers of junior faculty and trainees and the success and recognition of the entire departmental research enterprise. We value an interdisciplinary approach to science. All faculty will be committed to the research mission, even though not all will be active investigators. Those mainly devoted to our patient care and teaching missions will facilitate their patients' access to clinical trials to further our pursuit of knowledge and to make the most advanced therapies available to them.

The Division's researchers are organized into well-recognized and productive centers of excellence: the Regenstrief Institute (with incoming President and CEO Peter Embi – Dec. 15, 2016 formerly with OSU) and its landmark program in biomedical Informatics (headed by interim director Shaun Grannis), the IU Center for Aging Research (described above), the IU Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research (directed by Michael Weiner and including the Roudebush VA Medical Center's National Center of Excellence in Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice), and the IU Bioethics Center (interim director Peter Schwartz who also serves as a member of the Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Program). The Division also contains the editorial office of the Journal of General Internal Medicine which is housed at the Regenstrief Institute.