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Gero-informatics at the IU Center for Aging Research

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FAST, AGILE and BOLD, the six-lined racerunner is the mascot for gero-informatics at IU-CAR.

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Gero-informatics Defined

Gero-informatics is the study and application of medical informatics in caring for older adults. It is a valuable and explicit part of medical informatics. Through the strengths and association of IUCAR and the Regenstrief Institute, gero-informatics has emerged as a core theme of the Center's geriatric health services research activities.


IUCAR and the Regenstrief Institute have demonstrated achievements in gero-informatics and have a large amount of ongoing work in the field. We recognize the important role of information systems in addressing the special needs of older adults, including issues such as coordination of care, disability, mental illness, social isolation, polypharmacy, sensory impairment, and the end of life.

Advancing the Field

By fostering gero-informatics commitment, organization, collaboration, and resources, IUCAR scientists advance their investigations leading to innovative strategies to improve the quality of health care and self-care for older adults. In pursuing gero-informatics, we strive to uphold both patients' and health care professionals' health-related values and goals.