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Our Liver Research group at Indiana University strongly believes that clinical research is vital to advance the understanding and treatment for various liver disorders. For instance, through clinical research we gain insights and answers about the safety and effectiveness of drugs and other treatment interventions. Groundbreaking scientific advances in the present and the past were possible only because of active voluntary participation of patients and their families.

Although many individuals have a basic understanding about clinical research, certain barriers may exist that preclude patients from participating in clinical trials with enthusiasm. These barriers may include lack of awareness, fear of side effects, assignment to placebo arm, confusion about insurance coverage and lastly time commitment and travel time to the research facility. Despite these barriers, we have had tremendous success over the years with recruitment and retention due to motivated patients who want to have access to new treatments and help advance science. Most clinical trials reimburse for cost of travel and parking.

There have been several breakthroughs in the field of liver disease recently leading to several newer treatment options for liver disorders. These agents are currently under study through various phases of drug development. These phases include Phase 1 (dose finding study), Phase 2 (safety and preliminary efficacy) and Phase 3 (efficacy and safety). Completion of two (rarely one) studies with positive results is often required prior to approval by regulatory authorities.

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