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As part of the educational component of the NIH George M. O’Brien Center award, the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy provides biennial workshops for renal investigators. The workshops provide formal training and hands-on experience with intravital kidney imaging.

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The upcoming workshop will be held in 2021 in Indianapolis.

The objective of this 5-day workshop is to provide training in quantitative intravital microscopy of the kidney to investigators from around the world in the form of a series of morning lectures and afternoon hands-on laboratory exercises. We typically accept up to twenty five participants who, upon approval and with the support of our technicians and faculty, will be able to conduct studies of their own.

Workshop Address:

950 W. Walnut Street
Research Building II
Indianapolis, IN, 46202

Please contact Gosia Kamocka
at with any questions

Travel Awards:
Limited number of travel awards is available for PhD students and Post-Doctoral trainees actively participating in imaging research. The award covers partial costs of travel and accommodations. Winners will be selected based on the provided research description. We will reimburse travel/accommodation expenses based on provided receipts.





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