Department of Medicine



The physicians that care for your kidney health at IU Health facilities are all faculty members at Indiana University School of Medicine. We educate the next generation of kidney care specialists (nephrologists) and have trained more than 60 percent of the kidney doctors in Indiana. Our faculty members also conduct state of the art research to ensure that you have access to the latest advances. Through research conducted at Indiana University, we have made important discoveries on how to treat high blood pressure, sudden (acute) kidney injury, polycystic kidney disease, and kidney stones, as well as lead the nation in advances in alternative dialysis strategies such as daily dialysis. Our mission is to advance science in order to improve the lives of our patients and ensure the highest quality of care.

Basic Science

The core basic research in the Division centers on understanding the physiology and pathophysiology of polarized epithelial cells in cellular and molecular terms.


The Division of Nephrology maintains an active clinical research program with a wide variety of ongoing studies, supported by the government, foundation and industrial funds. Clinical studies are conducted at the three hospitals on-site and at off-site dialysis units as part of local and national multi-center trials.