Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency

Key websites for MS4s

Below are web resources for MS4s who are going into Internal Medicine-listed in order of importance-most important at the top

Electronic Residency Application Service®

“ERAS is the centralized online application service you’ll use to transmit your application, along with support documents, to residency programs”

-click on the sign into my eras to make your account…but the site also has…

-All the dates you need when applying to residency. 

-A link to all the documents you will need to apply to residency.

-Steps you through to process of what is needed to for your residency application. 

IU Medicine Mentorship

Per request of the IU Medicine chairman Dr. Geraci, rising 4th years interested in matching into internal medicine must meet with an assigned mentor. The purpose of the meeting with the mentor is to help start a meaningful chairman’s letter that all the residency programs you interview at will need. In addition to this your mentor will help answer any other questions you have about this new and exciting process of matching into a medicine residency. The Canvas based website will be where you see who you are assigned to meet with and where you load your documents for the meeting.

AMA Residency & Fellowship Database™

Best website hub to get all the information about programs, learn due dates and requirement, salaries and health benefits, what the work schedules would be like, maps of institution, key contacts of the institution, links to institutions home page. The website has much more than this. It also allows you to search for programs by state and regions of the country that you would like to do your residency in-as well as a feature that allows you to compare them directly (some of the higher level functions are for AMA members only).

*Instruction to get on-Follow the link from above then-press the Find Programs tab in the middle of the screen.  It will then ask to sign up to use the program-this takes less than a minute and is free!

Tools for Residency Applicants

-Has links to the Eras User guide

-Has a printable checklist of things you need to get done.

-Has the timeline for application.

-Has a reasonable (though not developed in depth) FAQ.

MATCH The National Resident Matching Program

Good national website that controls that match-gives you a nice overview of the match process as well as registration for the match and key dates.

Internal medicine student interest group

Our local Internal medicine student interest group site-has several key outside links to resources.

Preparing for Residency

Great website again managed by the AMA for career planning-go to above link and the click on the tab labeled Preparing for Residency. This then takes you to 15 articles on anything from applying to a residency to interviewing to repaying your student loans! These articles are short reads and contain a lot of common sense information but also some key links to other useful resources.  This website does require you to be an AMA member (20 dollars for students).

Applying for Residency

A nice short to the point document about applying to residency in general-was written in 2012-so it is a bit dated however the message in general is still good-the dates are old.