Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency

Innovation in Training Internists: EIP Program

Planned Innovations

  1. Micro-system clinic team building with one-week continuity clinic immersions interspersed over 3-year curriculum
  2. Customization of components of the curriculum to achieve individual resident's career goals
  3. Progressive expansion of quality improvement teams across campus
  4. Quarterly "report cards" analyzing patient outcomes of each resident's patient panel
  5. Team-based learning of core curriculum and skills in collaboration
  6. Semi-annual collection of patient satisfaction information
  7. On-line modules for competence in ECG interpretation, patient safety concepts, and periodic self-assessment of learning
  8. Opportunities to work one-on-one with distinguished faculty while mentoring them around quality improvement projects in faculty practice sites
  9. Simulation of procedures and codes
  10. Participation on key committees to inform leadership of resident point of view in decision making.

We are looking for applicants who want to make a difference in health care. IU trainees will become active contributors in the patient care and residency improvement process. We strive for our graduates to make substantial contributions large and small to medicine and delivery of quality healthcare.