Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency

Residency Selection Criteria

The Indiana University School of Medicine Residency Program in Internal Medicine is looking for qualified applicants. We are a competitive university program and receive over 2000 applications per year. We extend interviews to just over 300 students.

Here are the key points in our selection criteria:

  • Our residents have an average USMLE Step I score of 230
  • Application deadline is Dec 31, 2017.
  • All applicants should register their USMLE Step 2 (CS and CK) scores with us by March 1, 2018. Failure to provide this information will negatively affect an applicant's position in the Rank Order List.
  • International Graduates are welcomed to apply but must have clinical experience in a U.S. hospital. Outpatient experiences and observerships without real hands-on experience will not be sufficient.
  • The Indiana University accepts only J1 Visas. We are unable to accommodate H1B visas. No exceptions.
  • Applicants should have graduated medical school within the past three years. Longer periods of hiatus away from medicine will be looked upon unfavorably.