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Duane Allen, MD
My wife and I braved the couples match on our way to IU and have been thrilled with the results. Moving to a new city and leaving a group of close-knit friends was nerve-racking at first, but we couldn't be happier with Indianapolis. We knew to expect great academic medical centers and excellent training, but also have been particularly impressed with everything else. Indianapolis has the amenities of a big city, but feels much smaller with great pockets of local charm in places like Mass Ave, Broad Ripple, and Fountain Square. Before intern year, I was nervous I wouldn't have enough free time to enjoy life outside of the hospital but have been impressed with the program's approach to work-life balance that allows us to tour the local breweries, attend Colts games, and travel. The training environment itself has been wonderful as well. We have the chance to work in a variety of training environments, all located on the same campus. Between the VA, the community care at Eskenazi, the sub-specialized population of University, and the private setting at Methodist, we have the opportunity to see a wide range of disease processes and gain some perspective about what type of environment we may want to seek out once we're finished with training. I am thrilled to be here, and would absolutely rank IU at the top again.

Mindy Hsu, MD
Choosing IU came down to being confident that I would receive well-rounded training. I realized on the interview trail that early exposure to different subspecialties was essential to help me decide what I wanted to be when I grew up! For me, I was excited about the unique opportunity to rotate through four distinct hospital systems. The advantage is learning from four very different patient populations: University Hospital is a quaternary referral center with complex and rare medical disease; Methodist is a large, previously private hospital that houses an outstanding cardiac care center; Eskenazi our safety-net, county hospital with a variety of common as well as advanced disease states; and the VA with its distinct veteran population providing important bread and butter. What has also become clear to me is that this place includes research opportunities from many distinguished, eager faculty which is important for my career development. I’m confident that I’ll find the right fellowship because of IU’s track record of stellar match rates for their graduates. It was clear, even on interview day that this place could help me find and pursue my long term goals. Lastly and most importantly, the positive energy of all the residents and faculty during my interview experience, which has been an accurate reflection of my time in residency, reassured me IU was the place I could call home.

Basil Kahwash, MD
The word that caught my attention when I interviewed for residency at IU was “variety”. Here, I was told, you’ll see and treat a little of everything – from bizarre presentations of rare diseases at University, to more widespread ailments at the VA and Eskenazi. I am delighted to say that my residency experience at IU has exceeded that promise, both at the professional and personal levels. I have found that variety at IU goes far beyond a diversity of clinical cases. At my continuity clinic, I get to work with an underserved, mostly Spanish-speaking community. The relationships I have built here have been just as rewarding, practicing medicine in the company of outstanding colleagues and faculty physicians with unique backgrounds. Learning from the myriad experiences of my friends and mentors, and undertaking similar responsibilities myself, has afforded me the confidence to narrow my personal career goals -- just one of many advantages of the residency program at IU Internal Medicine.