Burnout, Wellness featured in day of sessions

Dianne Ansari-Winn, life and wellness coach for physicians is presenting three sessions Sept. 8.

Dr. Dianne Ansari Winn will present The Impact of Burnout on the Modern Physician at noon, Sept. 8 in Emerson Hall, Rm. 304. When doctors have joy, vitality, and purpose in their lives, they are better doctors and do not suffer from physician burnout. Dr. Ansari-Winn works with doctors and physician leaders who are suffering from the effects of stress and burnout, including doctors who are having difficulty at work. She helps her clients to become more joyful, get their energy back, revive their life purpose, and become better doctors and leaders through her Physician Vitality Recovery System, which is an individualized one-on-one life coaching program. Dr. Ansari-Winn also serves the physician community through creating and hosting The Doctor's Life podcast, where she interviews doctors and researchers on timely topics related to physician life and career development. She is a certified Physician Development Coach and practiced Anesthesiology for 15 years. Preceeding her Grand Rounds session, she will hold the following workshops on Sept. 8:

Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time
10-11am Daly 186

Think you need more time to get it all done? It’s likely you need more energy. Extending our day longer and longer to fulfill our obligations at work and home eventually takes its toll and leads to exhaustion. In this one-hour workshop, Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD, Founder of the Physician Vitality Institute, leads you through a process to achieve greater work-life integration.

Practical Emotional Intelligence
2-3p Daly 186

Emotional Intelligence is an essential life skill that is integral to success both at work and outside of work. In this one hour workshop with Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD, Founder of the Physician Vitality Institute, you will learn the importance of staying emotionally centered and learn strategies on how to become and stay emotionally centered and less stressed both at work and at home.