Department of Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)

First Indiana Symposium on Disease and Therapeutic Response Modeling

November 2nd and 3rd, 2011
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

This symposium focuses on disease and therapeutic response modeling as a means for understanding treatment of patients in an environment that encourages interaction among the participants. This is facilitated by plenary sessions with talks given by leading academic, industrial, and regulatory scientists; poster session for attendees to display and discuss their work with the community; and discussion groups.

Jamie Dananberg - Vice President, Translational Medicine at Eli Lilly & Co.
Anantha Shekhar - Associate Dean for Translational Research, Director, Indiana CTSI at IUPUI

Sandra Allerheiligen (Merck): Leveraging Disease & Therapeutic Response Modeling in Drug Development
Satjit Brar (FDA): Role of Biomarker-Clinical Outcome Relationships in Clinical Drug Development
Marc Gastonguay (Metrum Institute): Application of Modeling and Simulation to Support Early Clinical Drug Development Decisions in Alzheimer's Disease
Bill Hetrick (Indiana University): Schizophrenia and the lesser brain: Promising new treatment targets
Nick Holford (University of Auckland): Disease Progression and Disease Modification of Parkinson’s Disease
Hélène Karcher (Novartis): Modeling Pre-Clinical Data to Support 1st Dose in Human for Biologics
Lang Li (IUPUI): EMR Database Drug Interaction Research: A Biomedical Informatics Approach
Donald E. Mager (SUNY Buffalo): Network-based Analysis for Enhancing PK/PD Modeling in Oncology
Eric Meslin (IUPUI): Ethical Issues in Translational Research – Policy or Paradigm Shift?
Sean Mooney (Buck Institute): Personalized Genetics: Some insights into current approaches, challenges in assessment and the future
Lan Ni (Eli Lilly & Co.): Dose Recommendation for Special Patient Populations in Product Label based on Modeling and Simulation
Matthew M. Riggs (Metrum Institute): Applying a multiscale physiologic system model to evaluate bone-related disease and therapeutic responses
Ann Rundell (Purdue University): Customizing drug scheduling using adaptive predictive control
Mark Sale (Next Level Solutions and IUSM): Machine search vs humans in modeling
Sorell L. Schwartz (Georgetown University): Twenty-first Century Biology - Is Theory Form or Function?
Anantha Shekhar (Director of Indiana CTSI): Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Vikram Sinha (Eli Lilly & Co.): Model based drug development at Eli Lilly: Developing an ecosystem and its impact on research and development
John Urquhart (AARDEX): Two Neglected Topics in Systems Pharmacology
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