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Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography


Welcome to the I.U. School of Medicine's Gastroenterology ERCP Website. You will find information for the patient, the medical professional, or student in regards to our ERCP programs and ERCP in general. To get started, explore our links in the upper left or read the brief introductions below. Meet the ERCP Team

National Pancreas Foundation Center

Indiana University Health University Hospital has been nationally recognized as an NPF Center for the care of patients with pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer by the National Pancreas Foundation. Centers recognized by this foundation undergo a rigorous audit to ensure a focus on multidisciplinary treatment of pancreatic disease. These centers align their resources to meet every aspect of a patient's care needs to ensure not only the best possible outcomes, but to enhance quality of life. IU Health University Hospital is the only hospital in Indiana to receive this prestigious designation.
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Information for Patients:

Patients will find the answers to their questions in the About ERCP section. Information on such topics as ERCP Preparation, Equipment, Procedure/Post Procedure as well as the Benefits, Risks and Side Effects of ERCP are also available. Illustrations are also provided of the Digestive System Anatomy so that you can familiarize yourself with those areas with which ERCP is concerned.

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Information for Medical Professionals:

Medical Professionals interested in our CME and Non-CME courses will find information in the ERCP Workshop Information section. Fellowship Information outlines the Fellowship program's goals and provides contact information for those interested in applying for a Fellowship. Medical Professionals wishing to refer a patient can do so through IMACS (once on the IU Health site, click Physicians, then Make a Referral) or through Contact ERCP.

Referrals and Consults

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