Department of Medicine

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

Programs and Objectives


The Program is a two-day workshop centered on "close-up" observation within the ERCP suite. Approximately eight cases per day will be done with direct in-room interaction between guests and endoscopist. Throughout both days there will also be video, lecture, case presentations, reviews of ERCP films and Q & A classroom sessions during the time between cases.

Everyone will be met in the main lobby of the University hospital promptly at 7:45 am the first morning of the course. You will be escorted to the ERCP area in Radiology, which is housed in the basement of the University Hospital. At this time the ERCP team review the cases for the day as well as the cases from the previous day.

Brief opportunities to view endoscopic ultrasound , photodynamic therapy, endoscopic GERD therapy and other therapeutic endoscopy cases will be available, time permitting.

There will be a continental breakfast served both days as well as lunch. On the first evening of the course, everyone will be our guest for dinner. Please note that since you will be wearing a lead apron most of the day, please dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes.



Nurses - Attendees must complete both days of the course and fill out an evaluation form to receive contact hours.

At the conclusion of this program participants should be able to:

  • Have great knowledge of the indications, applications, and complications of diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP, including sphincter of Oddi manometry.
  • Improve your understanding of pancreatobiliary diseases and the impact of ERCP on these diseases.
  • Define the endoscopic management of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, biliary strictures, difficult bile duct stones, malignant obstructive jaundice, pancreatic stones, pancreas divisum, and other pancreatic diseases.