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Indiana Center for Biology Microscopy O'Brien Fellows Program


A primary objective of the Indiana O’Brien Center is to make the technology of multiphoton fluorescence microscopy widely accessible to the renal research community. To further this objective, we have established the Indiana O’Brien Fellows Program, which provides funds for investigators to spend up to 4 weeks in Indianapolis, where they can work with a faculty mentor and staff of the ICBM.  Training will be provided in microscopy, digital image analysis and surgical preparation of rodents for intravital fluorescence microscopy.  


Fellowship funds will
cover costs for standard laboratory reagents, microscope time, technical assistance, surgical supplies and housing of a small number of animals.
Fellows are responsible for providing specialized or costly reagents and animals. 

In addition to learning new techniques in microscopy and image analysis, fellows will also have the opportunity to explore applications to their own research. It is hoped that pilot data collected during the fellowship can be used to strengthen future grant proposals.


O'Brien Fellowship Application.pdf


Researchers interested in applying for an Indiana O’Brien Center fellowship should send preliminary inquiries by email to:

Malgorzata Kamocka  -

Include the following:

  1. A brief 1-2 page description of the project, including the rationale for working in Indianapolis

  2. An NIH biosketch

Applicants need to demonstrate the ability to establish the techniques acquired during the fellowship as part of the ongoing research program of their home laboratory and institution, but fellowship support is otherwise open to both faculty and trainees (pre- or post-doctoral).  Applicants will be contacted by the Center to discuss the feasibility of the proposed studies and to develop a research plan. Final decisions about fellowship awards will be made by the Director of the O’Brien Center, with input from the Center’s Internal Advisory Committee.


Application Process