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2017 is here!  We have lots of exciting news and developments in the facility.

3D visualization and measurement software-Imaris.  We recently received a CTSI grant to acquire the Imaris visualization and measurement software.  It provides a clean and straight forward way of segmenting and quantifying objects of interest in 3D and with time.  For instance it can characterize object shape, intensity and assess colocalization.  In addition Imaris can perform a variety of time based analyses.  Contact Gosia or Seth for an introduction to this powerful new package and an explanation of its various tools and capabilities.

2017 O'Brien Workshop Announced.  The O'Brien Center is happy to announce the 2017 workshop!  Every other year investigators from around the world come here to Indiana and learn about quantitative intravital imaging of the kidney.  This is an exciting and informative workshop for researchers in both nephrology and intravital microscopy.  See the website for more information!

OpenSPIM.  The facility is proud to announce that we received funding from the Vice-Chancellor for Research's office to facilitate the development of novel image processing techniques and a novel microscope platform.  The initial stage will involve the construction of a selective plane illumination microscope (SPIM) here in the facility.  This new platform will open up new avenues for researchers in central Indiana for high speed and high resolution imaging of whole embryos and complex 3D cultures.  We will be following the design and approach outlined by the growing international open source SPIM platform, OpenSPIM.  Contact Ken or Seth with any questions regarding application and use.

New Computers and software on Widefield Microscopes.  Our widefield microscopes and computers have been VERY slow in the past.  Fortunately, we just upgraded both the computers and the software supporting these microscopes.  They are now faster and more reliable than ever.  The software is a new version of the previous SPOT software and is nearly identical to the previous version with an updated interface.  Please contact Gosia or Seth with any questions!  Look for a move in the coming weeks of both microscopes, from room 209 and 206 to room 233.  To look for availability and to signup for a reservation use the calendar for the SPOT RT or  SPOT Color.

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