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Critical Care Track Overview

Beginning in 2013, the IU division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship program began an ACGME-accredited track in Critical Care Medicine.  This fellowship track is funded by the Methodist Health Foundation and accepts up to two trainees per year.  The training is a two-year program in Critical Care Medicine and is clinically centered at Methodist Hospital.  It is open to graduates of Internal Medicine or Emergency Medicine residency programs. Graduates of Emergency Medicine programs must meet the ACGME-required pre-requisite training requirements as outlined on the “application details” page.  As per the ABEM and ABIM agreement, all graduates who satisfactorily complete the program requirements will be eligible for the ABIM Critical Care Medicine board exam.

The clinical focus of this fellowship exposes the fellow to surgical, pulmonary, cardio-thoracic, trauma, transplant, vascular, and general adult critical care.  It also offers advanced exposure to trauma/surgical, pediatric, oncologic, and critical burn care as well as advanced training in various specialty areas which include echocardiography, renal replacement, advanced airway management, and adult anesthesia.

Structure of the fellowship

The first year is comprised of 11 months of clinical time critical care medicine, with one month reserved for a clinical elective or research.  The second year is structured based upon the individual's career goals. Those who wish to pursue a clinical career will have a total of 21 months of clinical time, with 3 months devoted to a clinical quality improvement research project. Those who wish to pursue a research/academic career will have a total of 9 months of research, and 15 months of clinical time. Regardless of the pathway chosen, call and weekend duties are split evenly among all trainees.

First Year

Second Year

IU MICU Methodist Senior Fellow
Core MICU Methodist Senior Fellow
Cardiopulmonary Procedures Eskenazi MICU
Neurosurgical ICU Elective/Research
Core MICU Elective/Research
Trauma MICU Elective/Research
Core MICU Elective/Research
Elective/Research Elective/Research
Eskenazi MICU Elective/Research
Eskenazi MICU Elective/Research
Transplant Elective/Research
Core MICU Elective/Research