Department of Medicine

Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Occupational Medicine

Clinical Experience


Adult Sleep medicine at Indiana University: We serve a diverse group of patients and the sleep fellow will see adults with the entire spectrum of sleep disorders. The fellow will also interpret sleep studies (diagnostic polysomnogram, titration study, home sleep test, MSLT, MWT and actigraphy).


Pediatric Sleep at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health: The sleep fellow will spend one day a week at Riley Hospital for Children. This includes half a day of pediatric sleep clinic and half a day interpreting pediatric sleep studies with the board certified faculty.

Sleep Psychology rotation: The sleep fellow will work closely with board-certified sleep psychologists as part of their training in behavioral sleep medicine.

Otolaryngology: The fellow will have time allocated to learn nasopharyngoscopy and observe sleep apnea directed surgery. We are a center for the hypoglossal nerve stimulator implants. The fellow will have the opportunity to observe the entire process from implantation to activation and follow up.

Dental Sleep medicine: Our fellows have the opportunity to work with local dentists who help care for patients as part of the multidisciplinary approach to the management of the sleep apnea patient.