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Erica Bernhardt, MD
I definitely recommend Indiana University to anyone looking for a first rate residency experience. We receive an extremely well-rounded education by rotating through four distinct hospitals within one mile of our downtown campus. Indianapolis is a beautiful, bustling city with access to the symphony, theater, wineries, restaurants and sports including Colts football, Pacers basketball, and the Indianapolis 500. In my opinion, we benefit from the perks of a big city while also enjoying a low cost of living and friendly Midwestern charm. The leadership at IU is outstanding. Our Medicine Chairman, Dr. David Crabb, and our Program Director, Dr. Mitch Goldman, not only are excellent leaders, but also are approachable and deeply concerned about each resident's development. We have world-renown faculty, ample opportunity for research, and strong camaraderie amongst our residents. Our program provides every tool needed to succeed professionally. I'd certainly place IU number one on my rank list if given the chance again.

Dan Hugenberg, MD
Although there are many reasons that attracted me to Indiana University's Internal Medicine Residency, there were three in particular that stood out to me. Firstly, I believe that the patient population at Indiana University is second to none with its multiple hospital system. University Hospital is a tertiary care center that provides us with exposure to many rare and uncommon illnesses. Wishard, Methodist, and the VA all provide more of a "bread and butter" medicine experience, but each with a different patient population. Secondly, Indiana University is a bustling research center and provides plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved. Last, but not least, the people in our residency make it great. As a medical student at Indiana University I noticed a very positive teaching and working environment that I really wanted to join. Indiana University has provided clinical experiences that will help propel me into my future career.

Sheila Krishnan
I came to Indiana University at the end of interview season, drove through an ice storm, and was burned out from traveling, however, IU's program easily sparked my interest and I knew immediately after finishing the day that I wanted to be a resident here. The quality of training offered due to a large program, diversity of patients and hospitals, and university settings are obvious advantages, but I was impressed by the integrity and approachable personalities of the staff physicians that I met through the day. From the program director to the chief residents, each person made me feel like I would never be a resident lost in a big program and that I would easily make good relationships with other residents, faculty mentors, and support staff. Now that I'm here, I can honestly say I have not been disappointed. Whether it's during morning report or daily rounds, I feel constantly surrounded by intelligent mentors who challenge me in a non-intimidating way and who inspire me to read and think critically. I feel inspired to teach those under me because I have encountered some of the best teachers at this program. The size of the program offers a good balance between autonomy and support as well as ensures that there are plenty of procedures available to gain experience. I am confident that the pathology that I see on a daily basis will prepare me for the day that I will be working on my own. Aside from medical education, Indianapolis has been a fun place to live. Not only does the city itself have it's unique set of restaurants, nightlife, and bike trails, but it is close to many other cities that make for fun day or weekend trips when you finally get a rotation where you have weekends off. It's a great feeling knowing that I made the right decision in choosing a residency program.

Amber J. Oberle
The interview process can certainly get overwhelming and it's easy to get lost in the details of learning about call, patient load, salary, benefits, etc. I ultimately narrowed down my search by focusing on a place that would provide both excellent training and a place that I would be happy to live. Indiana University is a program that is dedicated to the teaching of its residents by providing top notch and comprehensive education through exposure at four unique hospitals (university/academic based, community, VA and county). The hands-on experience is unparalleled to what I've seen at other universities, and with a career interest in pulmonary and critical care medicine, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform three bronchoscopies as an intern. Not only has IU been a collegial and welcoming program, but it is also where I've found some of my closest friends and most dedicated mentors. Overall, Indiana University has given me the experience and knowledge to succeed not only as a resident, but as a future fellow and attending.

Girish Kunapareddy
As a medical student here at Indiana University School of Medicine, making the right decision for the next step in my medical career was made pretty easy. I have had the privilege to not only gain from the medical knowledge provided by the esteemed professors who staff the inpatient wards, but to also take advantage of the vast scientific and clinical research opportunities available on campus. Through my medical school experience, I was of course very familiar with the breadth of experience gained from training at the major four hospitals downtown with very different patient demographic and pathology. This allows not only management of the bread and butter disease process faced in future practice, but also of the referred cases from across the state that require the specialty expertise not available much elsewhere. I am grateful for the autonomy provided in management decision making, while having dedicated, approachable, and enthusiastic faculty who enjoy teaching and developing excellent clinicians. Having grown up in New York City including my college years, I can remain to say that Indianapolis has a lot to offer beyond what the academic campus provides. The city of Indianapolis has a lot to offer for leisure and excitement, including year round major sporting, cuisine, nightlife, performance arts, all of which are walking distance from the campus itself.