Internal Medicine Residency

Renowned Faculty

The Department of Medicine includes more than its fair share of famous faculty including Dr. Lawrence Einhorn, who developed the cure for testicular cancer. We have nationally recognized experts in almost every division. Take a look.

Peng-Sheng Chen
Harvey Feigenbaum
Keith March
John M. Miller
Eric Williams
Douglas Zipes

Clinical Pharmacology
D. Craig Brater
David Flockhart

Endocrinology and Metabolism
Michael Econs
C. Conrad Johnston, Jr.
Howard Pratt

Gastroenterology and Hepatology
David Crabb
Thomas Imperiale
Glen Lehman
Lawrence Lumeng
Douglas Rex
Stuart Sherman

General Internal Medicine
Dawn Bravata
Richard Frankel
Thomas Inui
Kurt Kroenke
Debra Litzelman
William Tierney

Christopher Callahan
Steven Counsell
Greg Sachs
Glenda Westmoreland

Hematology and Oncology
Lawrence Einhorn
Patrick Loehrer
Kathy D. Miller

Infectious Diseases
Darron Brown
Virginia Caine
Kenneth Fife
Stanley M. Spinola

Rajiv Agarwal
Sharon Moe
Bruce Molitoris

Pulmonary/Critical Care
Praveen Mathur, M.D.
Homer L. Twigg III, M.D.